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£10.50/ £19 half litre/litre El Diablo Sangria

An authentic red wine sangria with raspberry liqueur, Brandy, lemonade, citrus and Cranberry juices, drunken fruits, raspberry schnapps and our home made all spice sugar. Tastes amazing when shared with friends.

£11.50/ £21.00 half litre/litre Sangria Delux

A special sparkling sangria consisting of cava and strawberry purée, orange juice and strawberry schnapps, all spice sugar and drunken fruits.

£11.50/ £21.00 half litre/litre Jamgria

A rosé wine sangria with Caribbean influences. Wray and Nephew rum, coconut rum, pineapple, all spice sugar, citrus juice and with a spray of Jamaican ginger beer.


8.00 El Bulli

El Bulli is the famous Spanish restaurant that is known for their weird and wonderful creations. Our friend Tony C adapted an El Bulli technique to make this amazing cocktail.

8.00 El Torito

One of our favourites! El Dorado 5yr Rum, Teichenne pear and vanilla schnapps, home made vanilla sugar, fresh pear puree and apple juice. This will give you the horn!

8.00 Mariachi

Sauza Rep tequila and Agavero liqueur is shaken with mango, lemongrass, citrus juice, coconut cream and dried chilli Served straight up with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

8.00 Dali

A delicious combination of Bombay Sapphire gin flavoured lemon sorbet whisked with cava.

8.00 Cinnamon Crush

Chopped orange, citrus juice and cinnamon sugar muddled with 3yr El Dorado rum and Licor 43 Served with crushed ice and a splash of soda.

8.00 Menta

Mint, fresh apple juice and vanilla sugar shaken with Courvoisier VS Cognac and Teichenne apple schnapps. Served long.

8.00 Miel

Dewars White Label whisky, honey liqueur, citrus juice and sugar cane liquid poured over crushed ice and laced with Chambord liqueur. Muy rico.

8.00 Cervero

In Spain we tried with sunflower rich coffee made with that really yummy condensed milk stuff. Our amigo Pedro added some Barcardi 8 rum and together we came up with the Cervero!

8.00 Fresco

Imagine home made ginger lemonade with superb Grey Goose Citroen vodka, what you have is the Fresco. Go ahead and quench your thirst

8.00 Mint Julep

Jim Beam Small Batch Bourbon muddled fresh mint, sugar and crushed ice